Kids? . . . At an Adults' Getaway?

For years our guests have enjoyed ForFriends Inn as an adult couples’ getaway in Wine Country — a wonderful place for folks over 21 to relax and be themselves among peers. In 2014 the State of California deemed it illegal and discriminatory for inns to be “adults only,” thus forcing us to change our business model to allow children and minors — and we are, reluctantly, complying.

Please understand, we love children, having spent over 20 years raising our own to adulthood. But it is our belief that there are many places where children simply do not fit in nor are happy, this includes a boutique B&B in wine country where adults are happily congregating, socializing and imbibing. ForFriends Inn was created as a special getaway where adults can forget about work, stress, responsibilities and, sure, even their kids for a day or two. . . We all deserve it. Moreover, kids get bored here at a wine country inn. There are other more family-friendly getaways from which to choose — places with fun activities for kids like pools, game rooms, etc. Heck, there's even a place here in the Santa Ynez Valley called Alasal Ranch where everyone can ride horses all day.

That said, we will do our best to make everyone’s experience as fun and enjoyable as possible while staying at ForFriends Inn. To ensure that happens, we have amended a few policies per State law that help protect the interests of all guests by keeping our adult Happy Hour, and all areas in which alcohol is served, separated and off limits to minors. And, because we cannot allow unaccompanied children anywhere at the inn, that means designated adult guardians in your party will need to stay with minor companions at all times, and especially during our fun Happy Hour. We feel it's the best way for everyone to make the most of their stays. Please read our Children Policy here.

We thought long and hard before posting this article, but felt it was important that we speak honestly about something very important to us as well as our many happy, loyal guests. ForFriends Inn means something special to thousands of adults. We've been here for countless anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons and, yes, even personal difficulties — doing our best to help everyone smile. We truly hope the majority of those reading this will understand and respect our loving intentions. Kids are legally welcome now, but we will adhere to the stringent lawful criteria regarding adults controlling minors that will help us maintain the experience we’ve carefully built and deliver every day.