• The ForFriends Inn Story

Four Friends in the Happiness Business

This is a story of four friends who decided to shed their corporate lives and began living the dream. It's a happy tale of four friends who bought a beautiful inn so that they could make friends for the rest of their lives. It's the story of how and why ForFriends Inn was born.

20 years ago Jim & Debbie Campbell, and Dave & Katie Pollock lived on the same suburban street. It was a quiet town named Glen Ellyn, IL, a quaint western suburb of Chicago. As happens with so many neighbors, they became fast friends; then best friends. Their children were the same ages and grew up together. All four adults enjoyed successful professional careers: Dave as a product development executive in the sporting goods industry, Katy as a controller for a mid-sized firm, Debbie as a technology aide at the neighborhood elementary school and Jim as an executive at a successful innovation & advertising firm. The kids played in the yards and the parents enjoyed special times together. Life. Was. Great.

And then the Pollocks moved. . . To California!

The four attempted to remain close, but distance and juggling careers and teenagers took up most of their lives. But they always dreamed of a time when they could rekindle their friendship and spend happy hours together enjoying the things they loved: Sipping wine and eating delicious homemade foods in the backyard, playing music together, riding bikes. . . being best friends. If only those darned kids would grow up and move out.

And then the kids did. . .

Being take-action folks, the four friends immediately hatched a plan of how they could not only be together, but they could actually spend their days making new friends. Why not buy a B&B in Santa Barbara Wine Country? Why not move across the country and set up life in paradise? Why not meet new and interesting people every day and sit out back in a beautiful garden with them and sip wine, eat delicious homemade food, tell stories, play music, smile, laugh and enjoy life?

And that's what they do. Every day. And it's only complete when YOU are here. They have one simple premise for success: That everyone who comes to ForFriends Inn will arrive as guests and leave as friends.

What a wonderfully happy story!